Monday, 27 July 2015

Shoe of the month: Christian Louboutin 'So Kate 120mm'


Christian Louboutin 'So Kate 120mm' in black patent
Other favourites in black leather | red | nude snake | metallic python | and boots
Best of budget versions at here | herehere

Hold your breath while I introduce to you my without a doubt, favourite, sexiest, most beautiful pair of heels. I’m of course talking about my Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ pumps, with whom I share a stormy, feisty, love-hate relationship. These awake many emotions in me because whilst they are in my eyes the perfect shoe (it’s the arch of the foot that seals the satisfaction) and they go with absolute everything I own, they are simultaneously somewhat impossible to walk in, even sitting down in these is uncomfortable. However that does not stop us Louboutin possessed women to hunt these down, including yours truly that looked for these over 6 months after hearing ‘sold out’  from sales assistants all over Europe. Strangely these are not available in France, where I counted on finding these, I ended up picking them up from the Mayfair store after some (yet more) calling around last fall.

I was originally in the hunt for the ‘Pigalle', which is another sultry Louboutin classic but the model was changed in late 2013 with updates that included a thicker heel curve, lowered back and a higher vamp - all changes that makes the heel to appear lower and dulls down the shoe. I guess the change was made for added comfort and to differentiate them from the new 'So Kate', which made my choice quite simple. Comfort did not play an important part is this purchase, like Louboutin once said ‘my priority is design, beauty and sexiness’. So what makes these so special? It’s the hight that makes your foot arch so beautifully, the heel thinner than a cigarette and the single sole that stretches out to a perfect pointed toe… I could talk about these shoes for a decade.

The ‘So Kate’ was created for fall 2013 and named after Loubs fan Kate Moss. The style now comes in a variety of different colours and finishes, including classics, seasonals and a boot version. My choice of black patent was set in stone as I love the combination if shiny black and the red sole. You’ve surely spotted these in action, here and in my most liked photos on Instagram, I have yet to find an outfit that these would not complete. They are OK for short wear, preferably for inside events and ideal for not leaving the house at all (you know what I mean…) Don’t wear these if you are going to have to walk around outside much because the red sole scratches easily. My pair have experienced a lot in the last 10 months as I believe even the prettiest shoes are meant to be worn, but also because I’m planning to buy another pair in the near future that I’ll save for more ‘delicate’ wear.

Comfort: 1/5
I’m not going lie, my most uncomfortable pair! However after wearing them for 10 minutes or so, you feet become numb (possibly starts dying) so the pain calms down a bit…
Quality: 4/5 
The patent leather and finishing is beautiful down to every detail, however, the red sole scratches really easy and starts wearing off if worn outside.
Purchase price: £425 from the Christian Louboutin store in London in September 2014.
The price varies from £425 - £2,195 online, depending on the finish.
Sizing: Runs true to size.
It’s often recommended to go down half a size with Louboutins but I bought these in a 37, my usual size and they have stayed perfect without too much stretching.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Monday, 6 July 2015

Safari Silk


Comfortable and apparently enjoying the European heatwave so much that I’ve manage to experience Helsinki, London and Barcelona, all in the past week. I came home to a traditionally chaotic wardrobe, ready to tear my hair out in true ‘whattowear’ fashion realizing I’ve missed out on the short, but sweet summer jacket season whilst traveling. Luckily I was able to reply on some new season favorites from Ganni, although the two piece silk set is from their high-summer collection, it’s definitely reading my mind on thoughts about pre-fall. Clean effortless but above all easy, not to be confused with boring. Lounging around in a pyjama-like silk suit? Any day of the week I say but this time with a polished styling.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Sale battles


H&M coat | or similar
JOSEPH knit | sale favorite | budget
CHARLIE MAY pants | or similar
BAM-B 'Anuket' ring
CHLOE bag | or in python
KURT GEIGER shoes | similar | python verison

My never ending love for culottes continues, this season my favorite pair comes in true 70’s spirit - frayed denim. A magical word this summer as I wish every piece to come with a raw hem. Is this too much? It’s been sitting in my shopping cart all weekend, I’m still undecided, mostly distracted by all those other open sale tabs. This week the new season vs. sale season battle gets serious as stakes are upped by both parties every day (party indeed, dancing emoji), which side are you on? I’m attempting to be smart - the list reads less black, no panic buys and things that really makes a difference in my wardrobe, how very grown up of me. All sounds wise, problem is that we are only half a day into the sale.
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


This week I’m back with another make up introduction as London fashion week favorite, Christopher Kane just launched his collaboration with NARS. Known for his bold use of colours, the range lives up to Kane’s renowned reputation of bright neons in a collection of neoneutrals. You read that right, a range that plays with the balance of neons and neutrals in unexpected formulas.

The collection consists of a combinations of matte and shimmering tones, but to stay true to my style, I wanted to keep the attention solely on the colours. I might be a lover of minimal make up, but I have to admit it was refreshing stretching out the possibilities of the colour pink. I used the ‘Silent Nude’ Blush as a base on my eyelids, then layered on the pink ‘Starscape’ Blush from the lashline up, blending it outwards with a soft, round brush. The palettes look a big full on, but the colour is very sheer, making it easy to apply until required coverage is achieved.

The real hero, in my opinion is the ‘Violet Atom’ Illuminator. Highlighters that don’t have glitter is surprisingly hard to find, it’s one of my pet-peeves realizing when you walk out the door that your whole face it lit up in glitter. The highlighter stick that I’m wearing has a violet glow and is especially tailored for pale skin. Although my skin is a bit on the yellow side, the cold tones stick is so light that the tones blended in naturally. I used it on the cheekbones, as a C around the outer corner of my eyes, under my eyebrows and around my lips. The Illuminator, like all the products in the range is surprisingly light, so you need to apply a fair amount.

As a finishing touch the range of four lip glosses were a pleasant surprise. Normally I would not buy a purple or orange gloss but colour is very subtle, giving the lips more of a stain than a colour. Going through the whole range, none of the colours looked out of place, even for day use. The best part about the glosses is that they are sheer and don’t contain glitter, so you’re precious lips will get a light, wet shine with just the right amount of colour.
In collaboration with NARS
 Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Shoe of the month: Saint Laurent 'Candy'


Today I’m starting a new category that I’m going to call ‘Shoe of the Month’. Throughout my years of blogging, beautiful heels have always been at the very core of 5 inch and up, so I wanted to bring you a more informative post every month of some of my favorite shoes, seasonal it buys and splurge-worthy classics. You’re welcome to request reviews if there is a pair you are thinking about buying or simply have something shoe-wise puzzling your mind, these will be 100% honest.

Although my list of classics is fast growing (just wait for the post on those Louboutins and Rockstuds) I wanted to talk about the seasonal 'Candy' shoe from Saint Laurent, because I think it’s one of the most interesting styles out right now. Gloriously bringing together the best of the 70’s and the 80‘s, this platform comes is a whopping 17 different colours combinations, or that’s how far I counted....

Best worn with flared pants, which is why I opted for the exception of a colour instead of the usual black. That was the original thought, I have to admit I’m slightly regretting this as the studded, black pair is still haunting my dreams. Definitely a shoe I would combine with a tailored, monochrome suit or some black suede fringes, but because of the bright colour, I would keep the 70’s reference sharp and minimal, to avoid the dreaded ‘ blast from the past’ look. There is also a skinny heel version, more of a classic Saint Laurent shape, that again comes in a whole range of colour combinations, but in this one the whole retro reference is missing, the magic is in the chunky heel!

Comfort: 3/5
They sit really tight and neat on the foot but because of the high platform, the shoes are quite heavy, making walking is a bit awkward.
Quality: 4/5
The leather and finishing on these is beautifully smooth, as you can see in the images. However, these are the simple ones, most of the other versions are a bit too kitsch in my taste.
Purchase price: €695, Saint Laurent store in Paris.
The price varies from £620 - £1150 online.
Sizing: Runs a half to one size big.
I went down half a size (like I’ve done before with Saint Laurent)

 Photos by Mikko Puttonen
A special Thank You to The London EDITION

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June Beauty Edit


Since I’ve taken on make up as a new category on my blog, I’ve decided to start sharing my personal favorites on a monthly basis. I’m a fan of natural basics, but that gives me even a bigger reason to source the best products on the market.

Let’s talk about skin. I recently discovered Dior’s Nude Air, which has a super light, as the name suggests, air-like texture. It’s ideal for daywear and does not cake up. I vary with applying foundations with both my hands and a brush, this one works best with a brush and is so light that you can layer it for the coverage needed. The finish is smooth and light, like powder. The only downside is that it does not set on the skin that well, so to prevent if from rubbing off to clothes, locking it down with a light layer of loose powder.

After applying the foundation, I use Tom Ford’s contour kit. This (also new) discovery of mine makes all the difference with it’s natural looking high- and low-lights. Whilst the highlighter is a little bit on the heavy side, I use the darker shade a lot more and apply just a few dabs of the lighter colour as a finishing touch. A medium sized brush is the best tool to blend out the colours on the cheeks, and a small eyeshadow brush ideal for shading the nose.

After using mostly waterproof mascara for years - I need it to stay put the whole day, I’ve found Dolce & Gabbana’s Passion Eyes that lives up to my requirements. It’s not waterproof, it washes off with just water, but it does not wear off throughout the day.

Charlotte Tilbury’s products have made a massive difference to my make up routine, it was the first brand I discovered that builds its products around nude shades and use red as a base tone to many palettes. Surprisingly few brands experience with shades of red, although I see it as one of the most natural and contemporary shades to wear on and around your eyes. The complete Dolce Vita palette is definitely built for nightwear but I use the top two tones for everyday wear, as worn above.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen
A special Thank You to The London EDITION

Thursday, 28 May 2015

All hands on


Throughout our Pre Helsinki week, I made it a priority to familiarize myself with the new collections our Finnish designer had in store for AW16. Therefore, I took to R/H, one of our brands from the more casual end who is introducing a winter version to their (now iconic) belted trench. Also tributing, the high-five worthy dress print, that we can’t wait to get our hands on (all pun's intended).

Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Monday, 25 May 2015

PRE Helsinki


Instagram @5inchandup

Last week we celebrated the emerging talents of Finland, when the fashion scene came together for the third year of PRE Helsinki. With what is rapidly shaping up to become our capitails Fashion Week - PRE Helsinki was filled with presentation and parties that brought together media and phrased international press - talent scouts from Vogue and Gucci to name a few.

I honored our home grown designers by not only attending the shows but by wearing them as well. So to sum it up; Abstract stripes and a promising new season presentation by the one to watch - Lepokorpi. A factory and behind the scenes look into the production of Marimekko’s iconic prints. Mixing seasons in chunky R/H knits with finds from Miltton’s designer sample sale, paired with a lot of toe torture in my ever growing collection of Minna Parikka shoes. A home visit to legendary fashion mogul - Vuokko Nurmesniemi, Furry fantasy shoes by Elina Määttänen and a powerful ending to the week with Aalto University's graduate fashion show.

Outfit details and more, you’ll find me on Instagram @5inchandup, naturally.